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Elle Varner’s jam is how I pretty much feel all the time now about going to the club, when I knew my ass didn’t want to. All I wanted was wine, a blanket, and a book or a good show….Glad I got that out :)

HANNIBAL - Buffet Froid

I was too busy watching and discussing Hannibal episodes with my fellow fannibal chica to write something about this glorious show. But now that I have the time, I shall do it. ***Oh and I’m writing this as I’m watching the episode, so please bear with me :) ***

**commercial break* Okay so sometimes I wonder if Will turns out to be an even bigger serial killer than Lecter? It’s like the scene in the beginning where Jack says “Fear makes you rude Will.” after Will contaminated the scene. Makes me wonder what else this “broken” Will thinks he can do, or will eventually do during one of his blackouts…


*sips on her glass of wine and continues watching*

Okay seriously, they aren’t going to tell Will about that encephalitis? Bastards….even you Lecter…dammit


**commercial break* Oh Will please don’t be crazy be crazy for me.

Oh Jack “I’m not sand, I am bedrock”, you are probably the only one that is actually concerned despite being the one that brought him to the edge of the abyss.


**commercial break** Lecter needs to stop fucking with Will if he killed that unimportant doctor guy.


Thanks Will, I need this because obviously I can’t rely on Hannibal who pissed me off this episode. Partly because I feel like he’s betraying you more than usual, and partly because I still want it to go on so I can see his endgame.



We are here together Will….

I want more!!! Is it next week yet?

Scandal ~ Any Questions?

Hey GLADIATORS!!!! Okay, firstly Cyrus…..come on! You had to interrupt Liv and Fitz as they were getting their good good? And please tell me that I am not the only one who noticed that Fitz was about to play Olivia’s piano as Cyrus stormed in. DAMN!

Before Cyrus RUDELY interrupted me them, I was all like

This is me

Then Cyrus busts in


Why Cyrus, why????


Usually I comment more on the going ons of the episode such as that little sonofabitch Billy Chambers…but I have so much to say that I do not want to spoil my Olitz high. All I can say is that I want to see what the endgame is with his evil weasel plan (I always knew you were sketch as f*ck). 

So I bid you adieu as I smile from cheek to cheek for all the positive feels happening between/in/all around Liv and Fitz



I feel good folks! Happy Friday!!!!

The Game of Thrones - And Now His Watch Is Ended

*BOOM* Firstly, so you know, I’m going to talk about my ultimate GoT girl crush. Yes, you guessed it right Daenerys Targaryen. The Khaleesi of all time! (the rest of the episode rocked but I want to talk about her)


She is a beast. I confess I am one of the many who started watching this without reading the books. I was going to read the books, but then….I didn’t and lo and behold the seasons rolled out. But the thing is, I do not want to know what happens to these characters. I enjoy just watching the stories unfold and being surprised as it happens.


She keeps on getting stronger, despite the fact that she is doubted by even those who are close to her *side-eye to Jorah and Co.*


They should know by now that nobody takes her dragons away…tsk tsk


Okay…as for the rest of the others. Poor formerly hot now just sad poor One Hand King Slayer, he’s kind of growing on me by saving Brienne. But he’s so broken now, poor one-handed-horse-piss-drinking-can’-sword-play Jaime Lannister


Oh and Cersei?

15 Gifs Of Lucille Bluth

Boo-hoo your idiot son/boy king has hooked up with another manipulative bitch and your papa won’t give you the time of day…sucks to be you.


Oh and what is up with Simon (I still miss you and might go back to watch more Misfits) Ramsey Snow? Evil little bugger, I did not see that coming.


Bastard of Bolton looks bat shit crazy….

As you can tell from this rant post, I could go on, but I won’t…till the next time :)

15 Gifs Of Lucille Bluth


SCANDAL - Boom There Goes The Dynamite

I have needed to do this since this show began….I LOVE this show. Miss Kerry Washington is killing it. Also El Presidente Tony Goldwyn is great eye candy in this show too. I mean their chemistry…

on and off the screen

I love them. I would love to create posts for each of the Gladiators especially Harrison and Puck because they are ride or die for their woman, but alas my focus is that of a butterfly. Anyways this weeks past episode “Boom Goes The Dynamite” has me in all type of messed up. That sneaky ass Jake smooth talking, people stalking, murderous son of a whore! BAAAAH!!

Liv is so confused with all the emotions Fitz envoked when he gave her that hug. You know the one. The “I’m sorry I was an asshole, please forgive me, you are my all” hug. And Jake wanting her to lie some more….he needs to get killed off or something. Urrrrgh. Damn you Shonda…you got me again!

Olitz needs to be back together, Liv needs to rat out Jake, Fitz needs to get all his shits back together. It’s as if he spent the whole episode watching P.S. I Love You and being an emotional mess the ENTIRE time. But I still love him.

I need a new episode now Shonda…puhleeeeezzzzzz…

Gladiator out!

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